Heyyyy... I'm Caleb,

I podcast, work on open source, blog, and occasionally speak.

Rather than hosting a fancy fundraising dinner for myself 🧐,

I'm selling a bunch of Laptop stickers I made!

If you give me your money, I'll give you my stickers (and my respect). Sound good?

Now let's see them sticks I keep going on about...

Fifteen stickers.

For Fifteen dollars.

Free Shipping.


Take My Money →

Not convinced? Take a closer look.

How about now?

Ok, Now You Can Take My Money →

Got Questions?

Do I get a tracking number?

No... shipping these the old fashioned way (stamps).

How long will these take to arrive?

Likely within a week for US residents, could be longer internationally. Apparently shipping to parts Africa can take more than a month! Just hang tight and if you never receive yours because some weird international shipping non-sense, message me and I'll refund you.

I'm going to Laracon US, can you just give em' to me there instead of shipping them?

Heck yes, there'll be a "Laracon" shipping option at checkout.

That laptop sticker animation is pretty sweet. What framework did you use?

It's a hot new framework called no.js, it's 0kb minified.