Caleb Porzio

Conference Talks

All The Cool New Stuff In Livewire (2020)

Say No To Complexity With AlpineJS

Livewire 1.0 Launch & Demo

Introducing: Livewire (Laracon US 2019)

Write Less JS (Full Stack EU 2019)

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Write Less JS (Erie Day Of Code 2019)

Embrace The Backend (Laracon US 2018)

Writing Code That Speaks: (Erie Day Of Code 2017)


Bringing simplicity, joy, and order to web development (The GitHub Readme Project)

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Routing and Blade, with Caleb Porzio (The Laravel Podcast)

LiveView VS Livewire, Alpine.js (Thinking Elixir)

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The Dawn Of Sponsorware (The Changelog)

Alpine.js is like Tailwind CSS for JavaScript (

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Full-Time Income On GitHub Sponsors (Solo Coder)

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All About AlpineJS (Learn With Us)

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Just Enough JavaScript with AlpineJS (Full Stack Radio)

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Single Page Apps - Fat frontend or fat backend, not both (Prismic Headquarters 2019)

Dealing with General Anxiety and Phobias (Happy Dev Podcast)

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Journey from PHP to Vue.js + Laravel (Prismic Headquarters 2019)

Embrace the Backend with Livewire (Full Stack Radio)

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Introspection with Caleb Porzio (Bits And Trees Podcast)